Timothy Hansen charged as a terrorist for talking smack about a cop on Facebook

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What you put on Facebook can come back to bite you, and that goes double if what you put on Facebook is trash-talk directed at police officers.

After 25-year-old Timothy Hansen Jr. of St. Peter was ticketed in April for driving his dirt-bike without a license, he turned to his Facebook page to blow off some serious steam. Here are some of Hansen's choice words for Deputy Scott Wolfe, who gave him the ticket:
"I don't care. I'd still like to give him the beating of a lifetime. He's a piece of shit," Hansen wrote. "He's a lieing [sic] piece of shit that cheats on his wife, and if I get a chance I'll seriously fuck him up."
Someone in the Blue Earth County Sheriff's Department saw the page, but then Hansen made his Facebook wall private before they could make a copy of it. So they sent an electronic search warrant to Facebook. Now Hansen is charged with defamation and making "terroristic threats," a crime that can bring up to five years in jail.

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