BP oil spill, Bush's war: Top 10 Epic Bad Calls

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The goat of the week is umpire Jim Joyce, who cost pitcher Armando Galarraga a perfect game with a blown call at first base. While this will surely go down in history as one of sport's all-time great fuck-ups, Joyce is far from the first person to screw up at a crucial moment.

BP decides to do it quick and dirty

You're a massive corporation with an offshore oil drilling operation at high-pressure depths in one of the most important watersheds in the world. Maybe this isn't the right time to do it on the cheap? But that's what British Petroleum did 46 days ago. BP used less cement than was needed because it wanted faster access to the oil when it was ready to be tapped. A stitch in time would have saved 9 million fish.

Apple says no to Flash

Steve Jobs has been clear from the get-go that he thinks that Adobe's Flash sucks. Apple is also notorious for rejecting iPhone apps from third party companies for reasons that may seem arbitrary, but sometimes even border on censorship (a gay nightclub app was recently denied). And then there was the big litigious panic when a drunken employee left an iPhone prototype at a bar. All of this control-freak behavior has prompted the Feds to begin an investigation on Apple's software policies. Hey Steve, they play Monopoly in prison too.

Aruban authorities set Joren Van Der Sloot free

Everybody knew he killed Natalie Halloway in Aruba, but the third-world legal system in this Caribbean paradise let Joren Van Der Sloot walk. Now the Dutch punk has gone and done it again. While holidaying at a poker tournament, he left a dead Peruvian girl in his hotel room, which was found splattered with blood. You don't invite Jeffrey Dahmer over to dinner, and you shouldn't have let this swollen-headed playboy skip out, because it taught him exactly the wrong lesson. Her blood is on Aruba's hands.

Metallica loses Heavy Metal Grammy to Jethro Tull

If you want to find the precise moment when the TV award shows jumped the shark, it was when the Recording Academy awarded the first Heavy Metal Grammy to Jethro friggin' Tull over Metallica in 1989. Three years later, when Metallica finally won, drummer Lars Ulrich uttered the immortal line: "Thanks to Jethro Tull for not putting out an album this year."

Burglars use permanent markers to draw on disguise

In the annals of dumb criminality, Matthew McNelly and Joey Miller earned a special place. Shortly before last Halloween (of all times of the year), these two do-it-yourself criminals from Iowa broke into an apartment. But what made them instant Internet stars was their decision to conceal their identities only with black permanent marker scribbled on their faces, an escapade lauded as the "worst disguise ever" after their inevitable arrests.

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