Wasps on mission to kill Minn. emerald ash borer

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Photo by guano
We thought emerald ash borer was unstoppable. We had already started to envision the Twin Cities naked as all the ash trees succumb to the evil buggers. But fear not! Wasps to the rescue.

Minnesota plans to introduce stingless wasps (whew) in southern parts of the state first. The wasps are natural predators of the ash borer. Kill one bug and introduce another. Sounds like another disaster waiting to happen.

So far the ash borer has been spotted in Houston County as well as the Twin Cities. The wasps will go after the ash borer's larvae and eggs to help stop the further spread of the pest. Apparently we can rely on China's success (again) for this nifty trick.

One major concern: These heroic wasps might not be strong enough to handle our rough winters. And then the process starts all over again.

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