Water balloon slingshots pissing off Morrison County sheriff

Categories: Civil Society
Photo by garryknight
If you had any plans of launching water balloons at people and their water craft in lakes and rivers this summer, avoid Morrison County. This guy and water balloons don't get along.

Morrison County Sheriff Michel Wetzel is fed up with people launching water balloons with slingshots at others on local waters. Apparently it actually causes damage and injures people in addition to looking absolutely hilarious. Oh, and don't forget the water creatures who eat the rubber balloons and die. That's not so fun either.

Wetzel is so pissed he's threatening to hand out citations to anyone caught doing it. He says water balloons aren't allowed to be thrown over lakes and rivers and he'll bust you. He's got the DNR after you too.

In other words, take your water balloon launching elsewhere. There are plenty of other water pranks to be done that won't lead to citations. We won't give you any ideas of course.

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