2 Wisconsin men bring toy gun to Maplewood bank robbery. Bad move

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At least no one got shot when two Wisconsin men robbed a bank with a toy gun
The cops are probably happy that Wisconsinites Andrew J. Larson and Derek Lombard pulled off an April bank heist in Maplewood by brandishing a toy gun. No officers got shot in the process of chasing the crooks down, after all.

On the the other hand ... a toy gun? What were these Einsteins thinking? Of course, you could make the argument, "Not much," since they made a screwed up decision to try and rob a bank in the first place.

Now they're headed for prison. Larson pleaded guilty today in Federal court to robbing the bank of $13,000. Lombard did the same yesterday.

Their escapade began April 2 when they brandished a weapon in the TCF Bank at 2989 White Bear Avenue, ordered everyone to the ground, jumped the counter, grabbed the cash and fled in a stolen Dodge Charger. Maplewood cops spotted them after they tried to ditch get away car in favor of Larson's car, and gave chase out onto I-694. That's when the robbers crashed and took off on foot.

Lombard was caught after trying to carjack a van. Larson was spotted by a Minnesota State Patrol helicopter running into a Fleet Farm store, where officers caught up with him.

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