Alexander Grunke guilty in plot to rob grave for corpse sex

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alexander grunke.jpg
Alexander C. Grunke, corpse-for-sex grave robber.
What, there weren't enough live women in Wisconsin? Alexander C. Grunke has been found guilty in a grave-robbing caper that came about because his brother allegedly wanted to have sex with a corpse. Protected sex, no less. That's cold.

Grunke, of Mount Horeb, was charged with attempted third-degree sexual assault. He'd previously been convicted of criminal damage to a cemetery and theft. His brother, Nicholas, was found guilty on three similar charges last year.

The story goes like this: The Grunke boys and a third guy, Dustin Radke, paid a visit to a Cassville cemetery in 2006 so they could dig up the body of Laura Tennessen, who had been buried just the week before after dying in a motorcycle crash -- they'd seen her picture in the local newspaper.

The idea was to dig her up, then haul her corpse back to a spot behind Nicholas's home, where he could fulfill some seriously twisted necrophiliac fantasy. On the way to the cemetery they even stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up some condoms.

The poor woman's body was spared the ultimate indignity when the guys were nabbed by the local cops; they'd already dug down to the top of the vault holding her coffin when they panicked and were picked up after being reported for acting suspicious.

Later in court, Nicholas denied he wanted to have sex with her corpse. No, just some quality "platonic" time, he insisted. To which Grant County Assistant Attorney Tony Pozorski told the jury, "you don't need a box of condoms to carry on a conversation. You don't need a box of condoms to go chit chat."

You can read the whole sordid criminal complaint at The Smoking Gun.

Here's the grave-robbing triple threat: Nicholas Grunke, top, Alexander Grunke, middle, and Dustin Radke, bottom.

grave robbers.jpg
Nicholas Grunke, top, Alexander Grunke, middle, and Dustin Radke, bottom

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