Anthony Smeby arrested after carjacking in Dinkytown with toy gun

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Anthony Smeby was found passed out behind the wheel of the stolen car
When Ramsey County Sheriff's deputies finally tracked down the car he's accused of taking at gunpoint in Dinkytown, Anthony Smeby didn't prove to be much of a challenging arrest. He was passed out behind the car's wheel. And the gun the cops found was plastic.

This was all about an hour before the car's owner was ordered to "get the fuck out of the car," according to the criminal complaint. She did so, figuring the gun pointed her way was the real deal. She grabbed her purse and beat it, and escaped unscathed.

So pleased, or maybe stressed was Smeby with his excellent adventure that he stopped in at a New Brighton liquor store after making off with the car. From there it was onto Shoreview and a snooze behind the wheel before being awoken by the cops.

Smeby's been charged with aggravated robbery in the first degree, a felony. He's currently in custody in the Ramsey County jail and will be transferred to the Hennepin County jail.

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