Brock Lesnar chokes out Shane Carwin [VIDEO]

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Brock Lesnar transitioned to a triangle choke to tap out Shane Carwin.
Brock Lesnar survived some vicious ground and pound from Shane Carwin in the first round only to come back in the second and choke out the challenger to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the UFC.

Lesnar looked mortal as he was bloodied by the heavy-handed Carwin, and referee Josh Rosenthal would have been justified in stopping the fight. But Lesnar weathered the storm and by round two, it was clear Carwin was arm-weary and had punched himself out.

Which doesn't take anything away from Lesnar's prowess in mounting Carwin and  expertly applying a triangle choke, cranking like a clock until Carwin was forced to tap.

Here's Brock talking about his victory at the post-fight press conference:

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