Bye Bye Boogeyman: Derek Boogaard to New York Rangers

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Nick Vlcek
We won't have the Boogeyman to kick around opponents anymore
The Boogeyman is leaving the building.

Wild enforcer Derek Boogaard has reportedly signed a four-year deal with the New York Rangers at $1.65 million a year, leaving all Minnesotans feeling just a little more vulnerable.

Boogaard graced the cover of City Pages for The Boogeyman Drops the Gloves, a two-fisted look at the modern-day goon. He later attracted controversy for running a hockey camp to teach kids how to throw knuckles on ice.

New York Magazine sarcastically noted that the Rangers had just signed a guy who hasn't scored a goal since 2006, which just goes to show that the Boogeyman is way too manly for the effete Manhattanites.

In honor of his departure, here are three of the Boogeyman's greatest hits.

3. His epic fight with DJ King was named 7th best fight of the season:
  2. Boogaard breaks the glass and goes over the boards:

1. Breaking Fedoruk's face:

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