Eagan husband stunned that hooker tryst actually ended badly

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An Eagan man says he was blackmailed by a hooker after a motel tryst
So this guy from Eagan, married, figures he'll hook up with a call girl earlier this month whose phone number he finds via backpages.com. They transact, as it were, for $200 in a Burnsville motel near I-35. So far, so good -- as long as you're not the guy's wife, of course.

But the cheater's train goes off the tracks: The call girl, identified in a criminal complaint as Carissa Marie Guse, 23, tracks him down the next day with a text message, demanding $3,000 -- "3,000 roses" in hooker vernacular. If he doesn't pay up, she'll spill the beans to his wife. Uh oh.

Turns out she found the guy's home address and wife with the help of an unnamed Hennepin County corrections deputy, who, at least at first blush, appears to have been hoodwinked into running the john's license plate number with the help of a friend at a car dealership.

And here's another twist, detailed by the Pioneer Press: The freaked-out Eagan man calls the cops. After some telephone tag they eventually nab Guse and another guy named Lovell Thomas, 39. When the cops stop the pair's car, there's a toddler in with them. The cops track down the toddler's mom: It's the corrections deputy.

Guse and Thomas have been charged with one count each of attempted coercion, a felony.

We don't know how -- or if -- the husband explained all this to his wife.

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