Extreme World Terminal Velocity ride fails for 12-year-old girl

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Image via YouTube
Terminal Velocity is closed after its safety net failed
When it works as advertised, the Extreme World Terminal Velocity ride at Wisconsin Dells hauls you into the sky aboard a special cage. Then you do a free-fall drop into in a big net and get lowered to the ground. But it didn't work that way yesterday for a 12-year-old girl.

The net that was supposed to catch her "failed" and she fell 40 feet to the ground.

Company owner Bill Anderson says that in eight years of operation, this was the first accident on the ride.The company issued a statement says it's employees are "praying for the girl and her family."

The girl was taken by helicopter to the University of Wisconsin Hospital.

Here's what the Terminal Velocity experience is supposed to look like:

Here's a video wrap of what happened.

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