Lifetime Fitness triathlon will choke off parkways Saturday

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The Lifetime Fitness triathlon's coming to town
You have been warned: Hoards of skinny people in Lycra will invade large chunks of Southwest Minneapolis on Saturday morning, and you are best advised to steer clear -- unless, of course, you want to gawk and worry about whether you've become a worthless, overweight slob you've become. In the case of the latter, we recommend you relax with a few beers at the Basilica Block Party.

Yes, it's time for the annual Lifetime Fitness triathlon. Here's the press release describing the routes, times and closures:

Minnehaha Parkway will be closed Saturday, July 10, for the Lifetime Fitness triathlon from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Some significant cross streets will still be open to allow traffic to cross the parkway, including Nicollet Avenue, Hiawatha Avenue, and Interstate 35W. The event also includes closures on Nokomis Parkway, West River Parkway, and Lake Harriet Parkway. Minneapolis has been working to inform as many people as possible about the closures ahead of time. Temporary signs have been posted along the parkways for the past week, and several dozen police and traffic control agents will also be along the route during the event to help direct traffic.

And here's some promo video for the event, with all it's buff bods (race deets here):

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