Major Trouble and the Dirty Dixies smash Flugtag record [VIDEO]

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Screen shot via YouTube
The Major Trouble and the Dirty Dixies glider achieves takeoff
This is what happens when folks who think they're Buzz Lightyear get jacked up on Red Bull: Flugtag. In German, it means "flying day." In St. Paul it means that 90,000 people will show up to watch them mostly fall, but sometimes actually fly, off a 30-foot ramp into the Mississippi River aboard homemade gliders.

Team Major Trouble and the Dirty Dixies went home the winners, flying 207 feet -- 12 feet farther than the 10-year-old Flugtag record. Check out the video:

More on Red Bull Flugtag here. More on the Major Trouble and the Dirty Dixes here (oh my goodness those girls have big biceps!)

Red Bull Flutag: The flights [SLIDESHOW]

Red Bull Flutag: The teams get dressed up and ready to fly [SLIDESHOW]

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