Margaret Anderson Kelliher tax disclosure follows Dayton

Photo: Nick Vlcek
The Kellihers pulled in $143,968 last year
Following Mark Dayton's lead, DFL-endorsed gubernatorial candidateMargaret Anderson Kelliher released her 2009 tax records yesterday afternoon. Filing jointly, Kelliher and her husband, David Kelliher, earned $143,968 in adjusted gross income, according to the records.

The Kellihers claimed $2,810 in charitable donations last year, including $1,400 to Basilica of St. Mary, $200 to Minneapolis public schools and $150 to MPR. In total, that's about $24,000 less than Dayton donated in 2009.

Kelliher's campaign released the records just hours after Dayton's campaign. In a statement, Kelliher said she would release her tax records annually if elected governor.

"Minnesotans should know how their Governor earns a living," said Kelliher in the statement. "This is a basic disclosure all candidates for Governor should be willing to make voluntarily."

Matt Entenza's campaign spokesman said yesterday that they had no plans to release Entenza's tax records.

Check out MPR for a PDF of Kelliher's records.

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