Michele Bachmann, Tarryl Clark leave Sarah Palin in fundraising dust

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Photo: Nick Vlcek
Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin at their April love fest in Minneapolis
Right field's all agog over Sarah Palin's Q2 fundraising: Her pile of cash must mean she's running for president, or so the logic goes (or not). But really, $865,000 over the last three months for SarahPAC? That's tiddlywinks if you're GOP incumbent congresswoman Michele Bachmann -- and her Democratic challenger, Tarryl Clark.

According to preliminary figures she made public last week, Bachmann pulled in $1.7 million during the same reporting period. Combined with her first-quarter effort, that's $4.1 million this year so far.

Clark almost doubled her fund-raising bottom line in the second quarter of the year compared to the first, raking in $910,000 the last three months, compared to about $500,000 the three previous months. Taken together, that's almost $2 million.

Making Bachmann's haul more impressive compared to Palin's: Bachmann, who's been known to appear in Congress now and then between raising money and giving speeches all over the country, while Palin isn't actually anything other than a media darling right now -- the woman quit her job as Alaska's governor just so she could raise her national profile and a fill a vault.

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