Michele Bachmann crowned "Queen of Crap" on MSNBC [VIDEO]

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MSNBC crowns the Tea Party Caucus chair the Queen of Crap
Michele Bachmann decided last week that Congress needed a Tea Party Caucus, and promptly made herself its chairwoman.

MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan has now derided her as "full of crap" for talking about fiscal responsibility while siding with bankers (that would be bailed-out bankers) when it comes to reforming Wall Street and preventing another economic hose-down. Then guest Cenk Uygur then took the crap and ran with it:

"You took the words right out of my mouth. She is so full of crap. I mean, she may be the queen of crap," Uygur said. There's more. Check out the crap fest video:

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Bachmann is the Anti-Gay, Anti-Christ, of 2014. She is the hypocritical spokesman of the Republiclan Party. She cherry picks the Bible as all GOP do for their own political gain. Jesus Christ never said anything about being gay but of course they need a reason to ignore the middle class and work strictly for the rich. Jesus respected all people and didn't discriminate against anybody. Bachmann and all the GOP look for an escape goat for their short comings. The Gay Community is it~

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