Jordan Kavoosi and Plagiarism Inc: A reporter's notebook

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Photo: Hannah Delon
Would you let these guys do your homework?
Jordan Kavoosi, founder of Apple Valley-based Essay Writing Company and the subject of this week's feature, is in the term-paper racket. The business model is simple: For $23 per page, he'll commission one of his employees to write your essay.

Kavoosi won't say how much he pays his employees, but many of his writers told City Pages that -- when they do get paid -- it's around $8-$10 per page. Kavoosi says his writers have done everything from standard essays to graduate school dissertations to 250-pagers. He claims that once someone paid him $200 to find the name of an obscure 1970s made-for-TV movie.

Kavoosi's business pedals more than just term papers. For a price, his writers will take your online class. They'll take your test. "You need us to walk your dog?" says Kavoosi. "That's fine. Just give me 20 bucks."

In interviews with Kavoosi's writers, some said they thought the work was unethical, but did it because they were strapped for cash.

Others said they didn't think the business was unethical. Said one writer, who asked to remain anonymous:

"I don't believe this is true. Education's primary purpose is to teach people valuable skills, for example reading or critical thinking or persuasive writing. Well, students can only acquire these skills if they generally want to learn them. But if they don't to learn them they will finally pass the exam and they fill forget about it...Students who pay for term papers are obviously not interested in retaining that information in the class for them."

Photo: Hannah Delon
Kavoosi (middle) and friends paraded around Apple Valley last week to attract attention to the business.

Photo: Hannah Delon
When Kavoosi stood up from this picture, he cracked his car's windshield.

Photo: Hannah Delon
Striking a pose for the camera.

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