Richard P. Richey brings sword to hammer fight and loses anyway

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A worthy opponent
When the cops caught up with itinerant criminal Richard P. Richey one night a year ago in April, he had blood all over his face, hands and clothes, and gash on his head.

Sword play, he told the cops. But that guy back at the apartment laying on the floor near the 24-inch blade? The guy with the stab wound on his shoulder? Nope. Not my handiwork, Richey said. Must have been some other guy messing with the sword.

A jury didn't believe him. He's been convicted of second-degree assault in St. Louis County court, a rap he notch up next to the 17 other criminal cases filed against him in five Minnesota counties.

Seems the sword fight followed an argument over money at the Kozy Bar. According to the Duluth News Tribune:

The victim then left the bar, returned to his apartment and called a neighbor for help in the event Richey arrived. The victim said Richey came to his door and the victim's friend went outside with a hammer to protect himself.

Bringing a hammer to a sword fight might seem like a losing proposition, but not in this case.

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