RSVP to Michele Bachmann's Tea Party

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Who wants to board Michele Bachmann's crazy train?
Michele Bachmann is having a tea party! Only instead of inviting all the neighborhood girls to bring their dollies, she's hosting members of Congress!

Bachmann has scheduled a special announcement to reveal the elite members of her new Tea Party Caucus. We're expecting something like LeBron's Decision, but with more angry white people.

We've already got a preview of the elite squad, and offered some slogans, and it's a murderer's row of tax-complainers, Obama critics, and other assorted Caucasian malcontents.

Pete Hoekstra and Pete Session debate the merits of Unbirthday Legislation.
Your Washington Generals Starting Line-Up:
Mike Pence

Pete Hoekstra

Pete Sessions

Steve King

Paul Broun

Todd Tiahrt

John Carter

Cliff Stearns

Dan Burton

John Culbertson

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