Tom Emmer adviser tweets tip debacle's a loser issue by mistake

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Tom Emmer waits tables to try and show he's not out screw servers
Confirming that Tom Emmer's mangled comments about $100,000-a-year waiters and waitresses, the minimum wage and long-suffering restaurant owners landed him in seriously bad PR doodoo, campaign adviser David Strom gave the whole world a window into Emmer's internal campaign strategy when he took to Twitter to say, "No more tip credit after today. We won't win the issue."

"We know this is a problem. Today is the last day. Over. Done. No mas. Just help us stay on message. Courage and willingness to listen."

That was a message to Team Emmer to stop talking about the gaffe in an effort to make it go away. He realized his stunning lack of Twitter know how and deleted the post, but not before screen grabs were made and posted.

Via MPR's Bob Collins:

AP's Brian Bakst reports the Strom post was not for public consumption and says an Emmer spokesman said Strom does not speak for the Emmer campaign.

Emmer has scheduled a town hall this afternoon at Ol' Mexico on Lexington at Larpenteur this afternoon to address the whole mess; he waited tables at the resto the other day -- no reporters allowed -- to try and show he was a populist, not a shill. And he's insisting he's a victim of the liberal media.

Here's the tweet:

emmer tweet.jpg
Screengrab via TwitPic
This is the tweet David Strom sent and then yanked back after the whole world saw it

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