Twin Cities No. 1 in U.S. for working women in Forbes survey

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Screen grab via Forbes
Forbes rates us tops, but gives Seattle some love
We'd like to get more excited about Forbes Magazine naming Minneapolis-St. Paul tops in its Best Cities for Working Mothers survey, but we're a bit miffed. If we're so great, how comes the magazine goes and prints a photo of Seattle at the top of the story? What the heck is up with that? Trying to placate the waterlogged tree huggers who came in at No. 9? Or maybe it's that Space Needle thing.

Forbes said the rankings are put together from statistics on job opportunities, high earnings potential, cost of living, women's average weekly earnings and money spent on schools. Here's the Top 10.

1 Minneapolis-St. Paul
2 Washington, D.C.
3 Boston
4 Pittsburgh
5 Baltimore-Towson, Md.
6 Denver
7 Hartford
8 New York Metro
9 Seattle-Tacoma
10 Buffalo-Niagara Falls

The cheeseheads will be happy to learn that Milwaukee came in at No. 13. And the least friendly city in the country for working women, according to the full list? Las Vegas.

forbes working women.jpg
Screen grab via Forbes
We beat Seattle, but evidently Seattle makes a prettier picture

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