Al Franken gavels Elena Kagan's Supreme Court vote to a close

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Al Franken does the honors during Elena Kagan's Senate confirmation vote.
Solicitor General Elena Kagan was confirmed for the Supreme Court this afternoon and Minnesota freshman Sen. Al Franken gaveled the vote to a close by declaring "the nomination is confirmed." The vote was 63-37. Sen. Amy Klobuchar joined Franken in voting for Kagan.

We poked a little fun at Franken's artistic skills during Kagan's Senate confirmation hearings. At one point during her opening statement it looked as though he nodded off.

And he passed time waiting for his opportunity to question the former Harvard Law School dean by sketching colleague Sen. Jeff Sessions.

But he also used the Kagan nomination hearings, and subsequent speeches, to rip the judicial activism of the John Roberts-led Supreme Court.

Klobuchar, already a known cut-up, added some levity to the snoozefest hearings with some questions for the nominee about the "Twighlight" series.

Here's Franken doing the honors:

Here's Franken nodding off:

And here's Klobuchar with some vampire talk:

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