Brenton D. Pringle figures assault conviction qualifies him to whup his girlfriend's kids

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Pringle said he was teaching a child discipline.
Brenton D. Pringle, a guy with a domestic assault conviction, was evidently the kind of live-in disciplinarian a St. Paul mom was looking for. She liked his military bearing. Now he's in jail. St. Paul cops came calling after a 911 report about a 12-year-old boy getting whipped by Pringle while being forced to stand to attention in the backyard.

The mom was away and Pringle was sitting in the shade sipping some icewater when the police rolled up at their Dale Street home.

"Pringle said he was teaching the child discipline and doing it military-style," the court document continued. The boy "began to sob uncontrollably and when asked by officers what was wrong," he "lifted the legs of his shorts up to reveal a bleeding welt on his left leg and many, many welts on both of his legs."

A bloody beating was not what the mother said she had in mind when she told Pringle -- a guy with prior domestic assault convictions -- to discipline the kids, she told the cops.

Pringle's in the Ramsey County jail. He's due in court today.

The 12-year-old boy is in foster care.

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