Tom Emmer and Tom Horner see a Land Of 10,000 Springfields

There will be more work in Minnesota for Homer Simpson if Emmer or Horner get their way
Minnesota might start looking a bit more like Springfield if two of our candidates for governor get their way. Both Republican Tom Emmer and Independent Tom Horner want to lift Minnesota's moratorium on nuclear power plants. Three-eyed fish for everyone!

Democrat Mark Dayton calls the prospect of lifting the 1994 ban "irresponsible." However, like Springfield's own Mayor Quimby, he doesn't exactly offer any substance on the subjects.

Horner has a section on his site devoted to energy policy, but not the environment.

Emmer lists neither topic as a campaign issue. Come on. Even Montgomery Burns has a stance on energy policy!

Emmer's complete lack of interest in protecting the environment has been well documented in the campaign. Prior to Dayton and Horner clinching their parties' nominations, all the serious candidates for governor met to debate green energy issues - except Emmer.

Of course, he's also a climate change denier who referred to Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth as "climate porn." Watch, and be amazed:

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