Jared Allen, Ryan Longwell, Steve Hutchinson beg Brett Favre to come back [UPDATED]

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The Brett Favre watch is back on.
Three Vikings -- Jared Allen, Ryan Longwell and Steve Hutchinson -- have reportedly beat it south to Mississippi in a last ditch effort to get Brett Favre to haul is sore ol' butt back to the tundra and try one last time to deliver the team unto the Super Bowl.

The Strib reports that the three were not at training camp meetings earlier this morning, and that sources said they were on their way to Hattiesburg.

The gambit may have paid off. WCCO is reporting via Twitter that Favre has boarded a plane for Minneapoilis.

ESPN's Kevin Seifert calls the effort "an unprecedented move in modern-day team building."

I think we can say the Vikings have pulled the emergency brake. They are panicked and clearly have serious concerns about Favre's once-presumed intent to play this season.

Meanwhile, a message posted on Favre's official website promises some big news by the end of the day.

We have to ask: If he does come back, will any enterprising Minnesota sports reporter ask Favre about the infamous penis pictures? Stay tuned.

And, for the truly obsessed, you can follow what appears to be his flight to Minnesota via Flight Tracker.

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Check back for updates.

Meantime, here's some of what we've written about him this past year.

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