Julie Bailey fails in Taco John's robbery while drunk, pregnant and armed with a hammer

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julie bailey mug shot.jpg
Julie Bailey, mom-to-be
Right from the start, the attempted hold up went comically wrong: Julie Bailey couldn't yank the hammer out of her shorts when she demanded the Taco John's teller hand over cash and a soft shell taco -- the hammer was her weapon of choice. And, yes, alcohol was a factor.

La Crosse police had a pretty easy time tracking her down, too. The pink slippers the pregnant, drunken woman wore into the restaurant were a bit of a giveaway. And it didn't help that she was carrying a hammer.

According to the La Crosse Tribune, Bailey opted for the Taco John's gambit after her roommate threatened to evict her if she didn't come up with money for crack cocaine.
Trying to engagement ring back to K-Mart didn't work. Robbing a local tavern and a Walgreens also seemed like a bad idea.

The good news: She's got a place to get away from that upstanding citizen of a roommate: Bailey's being held on a $5,000 cash bond at the La Crosse County jail ahead of a court date and armed robbery charges next week.

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