Michele Bachmann's team can't spell her own first name

bachmann at palin rally yellow jacket.jpg
Michele Bachmann: That's one "L," not two
The gaffes keep coming for Michele Bachmann. It turns out someone in the congresswoman's own organization can't even spell her name right in legal documents with the Federal Election Commission.

Barry Arrington filed a statement of organization for Bachmann's new political action committee last month. He called it "Michelle PAC." Doh! Bachmann spells her first name with one "L," not two.

That's an embarrassing mistake for a lawyer running for a seat on the Colorado State Board of Education.

Arrington filed new papers a few days later correcting the error. See the screw up on the front page of the filing below, or download the Bachmann filing by clicking here.

According to the FEC, MichelePAC has raised about $10,000 since it launched. Of course, that assumes that Arrington can add better than he can spell.


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