Minnesota tornado count leads U.S. in 2010

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Minnesota's 2010 tornado count leads the U.S.
It isn't even close. Minnesota isn't the land of 10,00 lakes anymore, it's tornado alley. According to NOAA, 122 twisters have been reported here so far this year. The nearest competitor? Texas, with 87. Ha! Take that you cowboys.

We posted some video from an Aug. 9 twister in Campbell here, and from an epic day in June here.

MPR's Paul Huttner points out that once (OK, "if") these preliminary numbers are confirmed, the year "may possibly break the all time state record for confirmed tornadoes in Minnesota, which is 74 set in 2001."

Here are the NOAA maps for Minnesota and Texas:

minnesota tornado noaa.jpg

texas tornado noaa.jpg

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