MSP airport's new full-body scanner will see all of you (PHOTOS)

tsa backscatter.jpg
Image via TSA
A full-body scanner is almost up and running at MSP. Reach for the sky, folks.
Ready for your full frontal close-up? The news today is that the Transportation Safety Administration has now installed the first full-body scanner at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport. In just a few weeks, when it's up and running, saying "reach for the sky" will take on a whole new meaning.

Exactly how much will a nameless, faceless government employee be able to see? A whole lot and more, if you take a look at the sample images we've posted below.

No worries though. The TSA official actually working the machine won't be able to see you in your birthday suit. That chore falls to someone else in another room looking at a computer screen. And it's all because we can't let the terrorists win. Feel better?

Another thing: If you don't want a TSA official poking into your nether regions, best be advised not to give 'em any excuses:

Before you go through this technology, we strongly recommend removing ALL items from your pockets and certain accessories that you might be wearing, including your wallet, belt, bulky jewelry, money, keys, and cell phone. Removing all of these items will reduce your chances of needing additional screening after you exit the machine. The officer who looks at your image cannot see you, so any irregularity that appears on the screen will require inspection to determine what it is.

TSA uses one of two scanners at its checkpoints. One's called a "backscatter" and the other's a "millimeter wave." It's not clear yet which one is coming online at MSP; we have a call in to the TSA's regional office in Denver for details. Meantime, take a look at what the scanners can see:

tsa backscatter.jpg
Image: TSA
What a "backscatter" device can see

tsa scanner.jpg
Image via TSA
What a "millimeter wave" device can see.

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