Ramsey County Detox flooded by pissed off woman with lighter

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The Ramsey County detox pat-down leaves a little to be desired, it seems. flooded
Coming down can be such a bummer. Just ask the 18-year-old woman who used her lighter to set off the fire sprinklers at the Ramsey County Detoxification Center on Monday. The folks there are still mopping up the mess she made.

But wait a minute. A lighter? In a detox center? True story. Evidently anyone coming into the tank gets a pat-down search. Lighters aren't allowed. But the pat-down was less than successful.

The center's Meghan Mohs told the PiPress.

"Since chemical dependency is not a crime but a medical issue and we are a medical facility, not a correctional one, we do operate differently than, for example, the jail would."

The teenager was none too happy Monday night when she was locked in a holding cell. Out came the lighter. Off went the sprinklers. In came the fire department.

The center was forced to shut down for a while. A half-inch of water on the floor damaged papers housed in boxes on the floor and a few computers got wet.

And, yes, the officials there are reviewing their procedures.

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