Randy Brown: The Worst Person in the World

wholetthedogsoutmicheleobama (Medium).JPG
A screengrab of the video posted on an official Minnesota state Senate website by webmaster Randy Brown
Keith Olbermann named Minnesota GOP Webmaster Randy Brown the Worst Person in the World today.

Brown earned the offensive honor with his decision to run--on an official Republican website for his senate district--a video that shows unflattering pictures of Democratic women set to the tune of the Baha Boy's "Who Let The Dogs Out."

Olbermann was forced to resort to a generic smiley face, because his staff couldn't find a picture of Brown. Well, we've got his head shot, and dude has no right to call other people ugly.

First, Keith Olbermann's brutal takedown of Randy Brown:

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Here's the full video that earned Randy Brown the dubious distinction:

Having seen that fine display of chivalry, let me introduce you to Prince Charming himself, Minnesota GOP Webmaster Randy Brown ...

Randy Brown's Twitter
Randy Brown, the Minnesota Web Master who is obviously handsome enough to call Democratic women "dogs"

Who let the dogs out, indeed.

UPDATE: Our hero Randy Brown tweeted this video about Runaway Slaves:

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