Roger Anthony Coombs, IRS agent, admits he put the bite on business owners

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Roger Coombs took a bribe while the feds were watching
​Remember IRS agent Roger Anthony Coombs? He's the guy back in May who tried to shake down two business owners for a bribe, only to discover there were a bunch of federal agents watching him take the cash. The Circle Pines man told the men they owed the IRS about $60,000 and he said he could make the situation more "manageable" for a price.

Today in U.S. District Court, he fessed up.

According to the FBI: On May 19, investigators were present to see Coombs accept $3,000 in payment toward the bribe. After receiving the money, Coombs informed the business owner he had taken care of things at the IRS. The two men then arranged yet another meeting, scheduled for June 2, for payment of the balance of the bribe. On June 2, 2010, after Coombs received the final payment of $6,700, he was arrested without incident.

Coombs pleaded guilty today to one count of soliciting and agreeing to receive a bribe. He faces up to 15 years in prison, but a sentencing date hasn't been set yet.

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