Sidney Rice has hip surgery, will miss half the Vikings season

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Sidney Rice has surgery. Talk about lousy timing.
Say this much for Brett Favre's decision-making abilities: At least he made the right call in the off season to have ankle surgery - if by "right," we're talking about keeping Vikings players and fans happy.

Not so much Sidney Rice. Plagued by a hip injury, he ignored medical advice and elected not to have surgery in the off season. On Monday, he went under the knife in Colorado and now faces the prospect of missing at least half the Vikings' regular season.

Talk about lousy timing. Why didn't the Pro Bowl wide receiver handle this earlier? He injured his hip in the same NFC Championship loss against New Orleans that left Favre with a maimed ankle. Now Favre won't have his favorite target when the season opens.

Fans had high hopes when Favre finally got on a plane last week and jetted up to training camp. But when you combine the Rice revelations with wide receiver Percy Harvin's struggles with migraines, the Vikings offense suddenly looks a little shaky. And we may see free agent Javon Walker in Purple.

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