Stanley Cup rides shotgun in Roseau

Screengrab via TMZ
The Stanley Cup buckles up
Ah yes. The Stanley Cup, Holy Grail of the NHL. Just to see it, too maybe even touch it, is every rink rat's dream. Too bad none of them were loitering around the gas station in Roseau the other day when the Blackhawks' Dustin Byfuglien stopped by to top off his tank -- the fabled urn was riding shotgun.

Byfuglien -- try saying that name three times fast after a few pops -- was in Roseau to fulfill his own hockey dream -- bringing home the cup. It's been on an excellent adventure ever since the Blackhawks beat the Flyers in the finals this past season, showing up at Niagara Falls, Chicago's gay pride parade, and a a night on the town in Hollywood.

Byfuglien and the trophy rode through Roseau in a parade. He gave a tear-filled speech at Memorial Arena, and stuck around for hours signing autographs.

Then it was time to gas up (hat tip: TMZ). We're glad to see Stanley safe and sound in his seat belt:

Screengrab via TMZ

Here's some video of Byfuglien entering the arena.

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