Star Tribune declares Target Field "overrated"

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Target Field is not good enough for the Star Tribune
The Star Tribune has been accused of being a relentless shill for building new stadiums on the taxpayer's dime, so it's notable that the Minnesota paper of record declared the new Twins ballpark to be "overrated" in Sunday's edition.

Writer Laurie Hertzel complains of the "cloying hype" surrounding the opening of Target Field, before going on to compare the field unfavorably to supposedly superior stadiums in Kansas City and Toronto.
In truth, the seats are pretty small, and the concourse too narrow. There are times when it gets so crowded you can't move in any direction but must just stand still and hope you don't get crushed. Signage is inadequate, and first-timers wander aimlessly trying to figure out how to get to the second deck. The stadium lacks the distinction of Kansas City's fountains, or (face it) the convenience of Toronto's retractable dome. Target Field is a nice ballpark, a pretty ballpark, maybe even a long overdue ballpark -- but it's definitely overrated.
Our own Judd Spicer begs to differ. As does ESPN, which recognized it as the top stadium experience in America.

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