State Fair cheese curds? There's an app for that, and more

Cheese curds and smart phones mix at the State Fair
Here's a fun way to get your geek on this year at the Minnesota State Fair: Navigate your way to the fair's smart phone web application.

Let's say you want to find cheese curds -- not that this much of a problem at the fair, but stay with us here.

Type this address into your browser:

On the homepage you select Fair Finders. Then you pick Food Finder. Scroll down to find cheese curds and click. Up comes a location, complete with a map. Off you go. And if you find the map isn't detailed enough, you can link to a Google map populated with thousands of push pins and walking directions.

Quick tip: The Fair Finder serves the name of an actual business title with "Cheese Curds" in it, so in this particular case, maybe the best advice is to just follow your nose.

On the other hand, specific locations -- 1919 Root Beer, Steichen's Grocery, Pronto Pups, Heritage Square, Hall of Agriculture, etc. -- are easy to find. And you can filter for preferences, including "Buck or less." Cheap is good!

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