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Steve Horner will tell you just what's on his mind. Even if he probably shouldn't.
There's something to be said about a guy with no filter. That's Steve Horner, brother of the Independence Party-endorsed gubernatorial candidate Tom Horner. While Tom has made headlines with his political ambitions, Steve has earned himself plenty of space in print and time on the airwaves with his blunt rhetoric and his quest to put the kibosh on Ladies' Nights everywhere. In tribute to a man not afraid to say what's on his mind, here are the top 5 Steve Horner quotes found on the Internet.

1. Steve's take on his legal counsel.

"The lawyer I hired wasn't worth a damn," Horner proclaims. "She just fell into line with the dyke prosecutor, who was nothing more than a bitch with balls."

--"The Makings of an Angry White Guy," published in City Pages in 1997.

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2. Steve's take on a Denver County Judge.

While he continued to file complaints with the Division of Civil Rights, he was also filing lawsuits in Denver County Court, where he called one judge who ruled against him "a pussy-whipped farthead."

--"Steve Horner fights for his right to be wrong," published in Denver's Westword August 2009.

3. Steve's take on liberals.

"Liberals are about pro-choice and gay rights. And what's gay rights about? It's about blow jobs and fucking in the ass," he opines, jumping from his chair to slap his knee. "That kind of stuff runs through everyone's mind just before they go to sleep at night. But let's not have parades to celebrate it! Let's not confuse our kids into thinking they have to act on their lust!"

--"The Makings of an Angry White Guy," City Pages 1997.

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