Tom Horner 'pushing solutions' in State Fair toilets

Tom Horner addresses your potty training.
The race for governor can be a dirty business, but Independence Party candidate Tom Horner has really hit below the belt this time.

Aiming to win the vote of sensible, potty-trained Minnesotans, he's unveiled campaign flyers to be posted in the bathrooms at the State Fair.

"Too far to the left. Too far to the right. Not good in here. Not good in the governor's office," one of them says.

And then there's the matter of "pushing solutions."

Whether this will win him any votes remains to be seen. It's pungently clear to anyone who's ever set foot in a public restroom -- at least, a men's room -- that too many folks don't bother to aim much of anywhere when they do their business.

Can they at least keep it inside the rim come Election Day? One can always hope.

In the meantime, we'd like to commend Horner on taking a constructive approach to the issue of unsanitary public restrooms. We see no such courageous stance from either Democrat Mark Dayton or Republican Tom Emmer.

But what is with this marketing professional's preoccupation with potty humor? Take a look at the biffy invasion 40 seconds into the campaign video below featuring Bob and Betty Bison at the fair. Is this what we mean when we talk about cleaning up politics?

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