Milwaukee teachers demand Viagra bennies back

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Fighting for Viagra is hard.
No doubt feeling emasculated by its contract, the Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association has asked a judge to order the restoration of its taxpayer-funded recreational sex benefit, a move that could cost the city's school district about $760,000.

Lawyers for the union are arguing that by making the teachers pay for their Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, the school district is discriminating against them. Yes, they say, the little magic pills are needed because of "an exclusively gender-related condition."

Limp excuse, lawmakers say. You may want a poke, but the school district's broke. Hundreds of layoff notices have already been sent out to the district's teachers.

"I'm all for love and peace," Democratic state Rep. Jason Fields told the Associated Press on Friday. "But almost 1 million dollars? And you go to court over this issue?"

The union scored the benefit in 2002, and by 2004 about 1,000 teachers were signed up. The program was dropped as a cost-cutting measure the following year.

Maybe those out-of-work teachers can take advantage of Pfizer's free Viagra program.

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