Beau Peregino pitched for 'Mad Men' before Michele Bachmann

AMC's 'Mad Men Casting Call' was promoted in August with the help of Michele Bachmann's new pitchman, Beau Peregino, at right.
Before Beau Peregino landed in Minnesota's living rooms as a TV pitchman for Rep. Michele Bachmann's re-election campaign, he made a pitch of his own to land a walk-on spot on the TV show 'Mad Men.'

Banana Republic is sponsoring the Mad Men Casting Call competition, in which aspiring actors post photos of themselves in dapper duds so folks cast their votes for the favorites. (Real Minnesotan Jake Ruhd is still in the running for a slot.)

"Jim the Election Guy" -- or as Democrat Tarryl Clark likes to call him, "Fake Jim" -- broke into the Top 10 on the men's side of the competition in August, according to AMC's TV blog. Alas, when you click through in his name, it appears his photo and page have been taken down.

John Remus snapped the photos of Peregino used in the competition. You can see them here, along with a shot of Peregino riding a pretty snappy looking Beau on his Yamaha R1. (That's definitely not the 6th congressional district in the background.)

Here's an AMC promo from its 'Mad Men' blog. That's Beau on the right:

Beau Peregino, at right, made a pitch for 'Mad Men'

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