Brandin Hochstrasser the "Bongo Jesus" beats critic with guitar

Categories: Weird Wisconsin

Photo: keela84
"Bongo Jesus" doesn't like criticism.
Brandin Hochstrasser, known around Madison as "Bongo Jesus," evidently needs a refresher course from The Sermon on the Mount.

Instead of turning the other cheek the other day when a pedestrian offered a critique of his street musicianship, he beat the guy over the head with his guitar.

And that was just for warm ups. Bongo then body-slammed the poor critic so hard he sprawled onto a State Street sidewalk. Then he turned his attention to a college kid, who he shoved into a wall.

Inevitably, a police officer showed up, and Bongo tried to beat on him, too -- until the sergeant whipped out his Taser and cut the music short. Bongo's been arrested, but no formal charges have been filed yet.

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