Brother Ali wants dropouts back in school [VIDEO]

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Brother Ali wants you to crack the books
How do you persuade kids who've dropped off the Minneapolis school district's radar to get back to class? Enlist the help of a Rhymesayers hip-hopper they're probably listening to on their iPods instead of answering the school bell.

Brother Ali cut this spot for "We Want You Back," a program that kicks off this weekend to recruit volunteers who will track down 200 out of an estimated 2,000 dropouts and urge them to return to class.

"I wish that I had taken a little more time to make sure that I finished," he says.

This is a guy with cred when it comes to inspiration. Just this morning, Public Enemy gave him props in a new video, alongside Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr. to Queen Latifah, Rage Against the Machine and Michael Franti.

Learn more about "We Want You Back" here.

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