Burglary team hit up to 100 homes before capture

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Carver County Sheriff
Sean MaCaloon, Daniel Masloski, and James Richardson
​Police say three metro-area men had their burglary routine down to a science before they were caught in Anoka County last week.

Daniel Masloski, Sean MaCaloon, and James Richardson are accused of pulling off daylight heists across 10 counties, focusing on rural homes.

The three would knock on doors, making like tree trimmers if someone answered. If no one answered, they broke in and boosted everything they could get their hands on, from jewelry and rare coins to guns, TVs, and barbecue grills.

When the cops finally tracked the three down to the northeast metro area, they were able to follow one of them to a storage facility packed with stolen goods.

"We got one of those big box U-Haul trucks to move it all out," says Carver County Sheriff Bud Olson. "It filled the truck right up to the ceiling."

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