David Cornelius Smith dies 10 days after shock from cop's Taser

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The controversial Taser is involved in another local death.
Ten days after Minneapolis cops shocked him into submission with a Taser at the downtown YMCA, David Cornelius Smith is dead.

Smith was in the gym on the sixth floor when officers were called to remove him. The 28-year-old appeared to die at the scene, but was revived and taken to the hospital in a coma.

On Friday, he succumbed to the "medical emergency."

While cops say he punched and kicked them, his family insists Smith was an even-tempered man who often went to the YMCA to play basketball. Both officers involved were on paid leave but are now back to work.

Meanwhile, the Taser-death ticker edges up.

In 2008, former KMOJ DJ Quincy Smith died after being shocked by Minneapolis cops during a domestic dispute call. The same year in Fridley, Mark Backlund died after being tased by state troopers following a traffic accident.

All the men were in their twenties and reportedly in good health.

According to Amnesty International, 351 people have died since 2001 after Taser shocks.

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