Marla Ahlgrimm arrested in fake Viagra sting

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The Dr. Marla Ahlgrimm prescription: "Take two fake pills and cuff me in the morning."
Dr. Marla Ahlgrimm made a national name for herself helping women cope with PMS. But she's been anything but helpful to the men who bought fake Viagra off of her, according to the FBI.

The Madison-based doc and her alleged partner Balbir Bhogal are accused of shipping millions of pills from India with the identical coloring and markings of Viagra and other prescription drugs.

Feds intercepted pills being ordered illegally by an Internet pharmacy, which turned over its ill-gotten Viagra, oxycodone and anti-anxiety meds. Tests showed the drugs, which were traced back to Ahlgrimm, contained either no medication or only tiny amounts.

Which is ironic given that Ahlgrimm built her successful Women's Health America practice on the idea that women didn't need to be drugged to death in order to deal with PMS. "The lowest, most effective dose is used," she said of her clinic's hormone treaments in a TV interview. "Often times it's much lower than what's traditionally available."

No wonder.

Since the placebo effect hasn't been proven effective in treating erectile dysfunction, surely there are a bunch of guys out there who were let down by Ahlgrimm's super-duper low-dose Viagra. Question is whether any of them will speak up to complain.

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