Michele Bachmann gets $5,000 from Sean Hannity

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Sean Hannity is now one of Michele Bachmann's sugar daddies.
No one seriously thinks that Fox News gasbag Sean Hannity is fair and balanced when it comes to Rep. Michele Bachmann.

He makes stuff up to try and burnish her image. He prods her to run for the White House alongside Sarah Palin. And now, he's given $5,000 to her political action committee.

The donation can be found on a Federal Election Commission filing from MICHELEPAC. His wife, Jill, has also donated $5,000 to MICHELEPAC.

The national political action committee serves as a way for Bachmann to solicit donations which she then hands out to her favored congressional candidates around the country. It's not connected to her own re-election campaign.

Earlier this year, the Hannitys each gave $2,400 twice to Republican John Gomez, who's trying to unseat Democratic incumbent Steve Israel in New York's second congressional district.

Say this for the guy: At least he puts his money where his mouth is. And we look forward to him disclosing his financial support for Bachmann each time he brings her on the air.

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