Michele Bachmann throws George W. Bush under the bus [VIDEO]

No more more kissy-face for you, Mr. President.
There was a time when Michele Bachmann couldn't keep her paws of President George W. Bush.

Remember that whole embarrassing kissy-face episode after the 2007 State of the Union speech? Bush worked his way up a crowded aisle and signed an autograph for Bachmann, and then tried to turn away. But she got a hand on his shoulder for what seemed like an eternity and just wouldn't let go until gave her a kiss.

Groping isn't the same thing as loyalty, however.

Groping isn't the same thing as loyalty, however. The congresswoman is now running against W. She's up with a new ad bragging about voting against his 2008 bailout that staved off the total financial collapse of Wall Street.

"I fought and voted against the Bush Wall Street bailout," she says in the spot. And then she mashes him up with "the trillion dollar Pelosi stimulus and Obama's takeover of healthcare."

Talk about a fickle friend.

What? Once upon a time, he took her breath away. Now where's the love, Michele?

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