Minneapolis-St.Paul just isn't that stressed out

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Minneapolis is mellow -- comparatively
We hear lots of teeth gnashing over our spiraling homicide count, cuts to our police and firefighting budgets, pot hole-infested roadways and gimpy NFL quarterback. But the truth is, despite that stuff, the Twin Cities is one of the least stressful metropolitan areas in America.

By measuring 10 variables including homicides, robberies, poverty, crappy weather and air pollution, Portfolio magazine found that the most stressful of the nation's 50 largest cities is Detroit. The least stressful is Salt Lake City. Minneapolis-St. Paul ranks No. 48, sandwiched between Raleigh, N.C., and Virginia Beach/Norfolk, Va.

We have a feeling the results might have been different had the cities been rated according to "winter weather most likely to kill you," and "'skeeter infestations." Meanwhile, here's the breakdown on the really stressful cities.

  • Highest murder rate: New Orleans
  • Most robberies: Cleveland
  • Gloomiest weather: Pittsburgh
  • Lousiest air: Sacramento, Los Angeles, and Riverside Calif.
  • Most deaths due to heart attacks and strokes: New Orleans
  • Longest average commute: New York City
  • Worst unemployment rate: Las Vegas
  • Biggest income drop: Las Vegas
  • Highest poverty rate: Memphis

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