Visanthe Shiancoe scores on 'Minute to Win It'

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Visanthe Shaincoe gets his bucket on
Visanthe Shiancoe, Vikings starting tight end, played "Minute to Win It" for charity last night. As usual, he was full of quick quips. He showed us his dance moves.

The subject of our cover story this week, Shiancoe teamed up with with New Orleans Saints running back Pierre Thomas to raise money for the National Kidney Foundation.

Early on in the show, that crazy-haired host Guy Fieri host made the mistake of asking Shank if he was ready.

"That must be a rhetorical question," Shiancoe fired back. "Because we're ready."

Shiancoe: Ready
Later, when he sported a bucket on his head with which to catch ping pong balls, he gamely declared he'd do "whatever it takes" for the charity cash.

Shiancoe does "whatever it takes."
Shiancoe and Thomas also had to work their way through a list of tasks like fanning a bunch of eggs into a red square with a pizza box, and shaking balls out from inside a Kleenex box attached to his rump. That last one is the Junk in the Trunk challenge.

"No YouTubing on this one," Shiancoe said. "You got to get low with it and just pop it a little, man."

"It's for charity so just forget how you look," he told Thomas.

It all went well until the final challenge: Don't Blow the Joker. Shiancoe had to blow a deck of cards from off an empty Coke bottle, but the last card--the joker--had to remain intact. He got five chances and, um, blew them all. Same thing happened to Thomas. Oh well.

Thanks to Shank, the National Kidney Foundation of Minnesota and the Washington D.C. area got $75,000.

Berrian teamed with 49ers cheerleader Amber Wright
Shiancoe wasn't the lone Viking on the show this week. Wide receiver Bernard Berrian and guard Anthony Herrera also put in appearances.

Guy Fieri can't keep his hands off Herrera
Check out the highlights below:

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