Taylor Swift inks deal with Target

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Taylor Swift and Target: Kissing the dog means inking a deal.
We know what Taylor Swift saw from the stage last month at the Target Center, and now we know her performance in front of Big Red's army had an even bigger upside than a quick paycheck.

Swift has signed a deal with the Minneapolis-based mega-retailer to hawk a special edition of her third album, "Speak Now," due out Oct. 25. It will include three additional songs, remixed versions of others, and bonus video content.

Swift, along with John Legend, Keith Urban, Enrique Iglesias and Charice gave quickie performances at Target Corp's annual national company meeting in August.

While cameras clicked, Swift and Legend hung out with Bullseye, the company's miniature bull terrier mascot.

Swift also raised her iPhone from the stage, and tweeted the result: "Performing at the Target National Meeting in Minneapolis has it's perks. :)"

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